Marketing Consultant
Marina Baslina
Baslin's Strategies Founder. Strategist.
Helping busy CEOs scale B2B & service businesses past $1M with strategic marketing.

Marketing and Branding Strategies

Marina helps entrepreneurs build powerful marketing strategies and brands. She combines behavioral psychology and data analytics to create marketing strategies.
Marketing and brand strategy
Finding a way to market your business with the marketing strategy that brings results and increases revenue by 30%. This experience includes brand and Marketing strategy development.

Marketing strategy services are effective for people actively starting up a business; people who are running a business and want to scale it or expand it.

What services do I offer?
• Market research and analysis
• Creating a vision for your business
• Creating your product/service offering and evaluating your uniqueness
• Developing your marketing strategy
• Creating your marketing, promotion, pricing, and social media strategy
• Analyzing your competition and finding your win/win
• Planning your growth and scaling strategy
Marina is an internationally recognized marketing expert. Founder of Baslin's Strategies. Since 2011 she helps entrepreneurs launch, grow, and build profitable businesses. She works with small businesses, startups, and big brands.
  • Marina truly is amazing. The research, overview and marketing recommendations she made were top of the line. I've worked in marketing for 25+ years, and its rare to see someone with this level of understanding of both strategy and execution... and to turn it around so quickly. Quite impressive.
    Gregg Parnell
  • Experienced, skilled, and phenomenal marketer! She was able to study a niche market in a very narrow spectrum of locations and offered invaluable information and analysis on each segment separately. My team and I are very impressed with her work and will be back as our business grows. Extremely recommended!
    Ramy Farah
    CEO at Eplanest
  • Marina is really the real deal. She fully owned the product market research and provided very insightful strategy. Her recommendations are very practicable to ensure seamless implementation of the strategy. We will surely work again. Thank you.
    Robert Okine
    Founder of You Checked In
  • I was extremely happy with the research provided by Marina. Her research included a price survey of 100 competitors which would have taken me days to do. About 70% of her research confirmed what I had a gut-feel for, but 30% were points and nuances about my customer segments I had not flushed out before and I'll use her report for my investors.
    Laurent Tran
    Founder of Lespirant
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